I-pledge climate cycle

Welcome to the I-Pledge Climate Cycle.

We hope that you will join the growing number of people who want to show their care about Climate Change by taking a pledge. It could be something small, it could be something challenging. But all pledges create a ripple of care that flows out, aligns our hearts with what matters, and makes a difference, sometimes in ways we might never see or that we didn’t expect.

Maybe you want to do something but you don’t know what. Here you will find ideas and support about key pledges you can take in response to Climate Change. And encouragement to take a pledge of your own making.

Take a pledge.

It feels good ♥


7 thoughts on “I-pledge climate cycle

    1. Hi yes going really well and at Fox glacier now about to go to Frans Joseph for the night then I hope greymouth tomorrow. Will try and do a posting on blog from there. Weather pretty good for the coast, mind and body holding up!


  1. Hi Paul, on the 22th of December they will put up the new clima neutral heating in the house in Bad Soden – so you can see and hear that in a cold winter on the other side of the world, we are doing our best as well xxx stay strong an healthy … Mudi-Susi


  2. Hi Paul.Halfway there, well done.What was that big long poem you memorised on your other cycling trips??/With all this distance you could just about learn German.


    1. Hi mark. Nice thought but really wouldn’t want to be distracted as I need to know what’s around me I have even played music. This might change but the roads will get busier. Plus like to hear all the sounds around me such as birds, people etc.


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