Northern lands


Spending time, though briefly, with my nephew Ben and Fran and children, and niece Sarah, was such a welcome rest stop and refresh. I used Wellington as day of rest on a beautiful day and when Wellington is at its best especially around the docks and harbour.

The next day was off to leave through the Rimutaka old railway line (Remutaka is place of rest in Maori, alas not for me) and to end up the other side of the Rimutaka’s and Featherston then Masterson. Met two young ladies heading up to the railway as well but they were hesitating at an odd bit of cycle path on the motor way out of town so we all took it together and found our way. Had a shared lunch with them ( mostly their food, thank you!) But they later dropped away because of weather getting more precipitationous! But nice to have the company and we all discussed the climate and woes of it all as well as some ideas. At the start to the track my wanderings got me in the wrong direction for a couple of hours so had to make it back and camp to start the next morning, in a way fortunate as it was getting wetter.

The next day was better organised and it really is a lovely cycle and not steep and lots of information posts to read to find out how it all was started. Meet a another couple of woman who were doing NZ on bike, one from Oz and the other from USA. Had a brief chat but then we all had a good coffee and food stop at Featherston. So with a tail wind made good miles to Featherston and then Masterton for the night at a camp.

Today made the decision to ride to Woodville and go to Palmerston nth from there but after speaking with info Center staff and the wind conditions I opted for a 15 mind bus ride over this section as there is a high use of trucks, no shoulder to ride on in places and the wind conditions! It all added up to me. I guess this is what the trip for me is about making decisions what what we have and doing what we can, but staying safe.

So tonight I’m lucky enough to have a bed at Warmshower place so good food and hot shower and bed for the night.


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