2nd posting

I have arrived at my friends John and Bernadette place in Greymouth on the West Coast after a long day of about 160 km so pleased I got here ok without any problems or body complaining too much. The last few nights I have had a Doc campsites which have been fine but do not have have showers or sometimes running water but usually a river or lake near by. The weather been very generous and again sunny with not much wind. My friend is a physiotherapist by not needed but hot shower and washing was!

Something to give myself thought today and a bit of regret for various reasons was an unscheduled ride in a helicopter today! As I was riding first thing this morning I was stopped and asked if I wanted to go on a helicopter flight over the mountains, glaciers and a bit of Mount Cook. The ride was going to go with or without me and it was half price, and a beautiful day! I hesitated but took it as it may be the last one I ever do here again….but on a ride about climate change was my lingering thought all day after. Also my experience was mixed in the flight as I felt disconnected with the environment and more a touristy spectator, which I was. So who ever reads these can judge for themselves. I personally would not do it again for these reasons and the fact of being removed from what I was experiencing.

Each day I try and connect somehow with others about what I’m doing and that may be just putting up my flyers or talking to people. My friends got a full days worth of talk about it but they are very supportive and also concerned even though the West Coast is very susceptible to what happens in the mining, forestry and resources.

Photos will come when I can find the way to post them!


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