1st blog

I have arrived in Queenstown on my second day so quite pleased with that and weather has been good and giving me a slight cross tail wind. The other two riders I have met coming the other way say I’m going in the easy direction because of this fact, south island can have a predominance of south winds and I’m going north! Time will tell. Very quiet roads as its mostly large sheep and cattle stations.

I have been talking about my ride with people I meet and when I can put up an I-pledge flyer card I got made on notice boards or just to talk to people I meet. It always sparks up some conversation which I’m wanting.

Yesterday days ride was a hard one for me even though I had a good conditions but I covered too much for my second day and the first full day, about 140km so will have to make sure I don’t try and do to much and pace it so I make it to the destination!

I got to lake Wakatipu yesterday and my guide booklet said they had started a new camp at Walters Peak lodge which is a very lovely place for visitors to go and have a meal and walk around the gardens, the ride over on the Earnslaw ferry from Queenstown and is a historic and biggest steam ferry built in NZ, still coal powered! Alas the camp is still under construction and not yet operating so I couldn’t stay but the people at Walters Peak where very accommodating to me in other ways and I was allowed to have a shower and then tea coffee and caught the ferry back to Queenstown that night with the large group there for supper.
So off the next day with some good hills over a few days before the West coast.


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